​Top Ten Functional Trends in 2019

2018-12-05 06:25:49 Tina
Wireless is about to pass in 2018. Looking back at this year's smartphone market, it doesn't feel too much surprise. The concept of AI is very hot, but there are not many good applications based on AI. It is true that smartphones have entered maturity, and technology and development are slowing down.Folding screenThe design idea brought by the iPhone has been going on for 10 years, and the shape of the rectangle and the big screen has already made consumers feel tired. But obviously, there is no doubt that mobile phones are moving from traditional forms to more flexible design trends. Including Samsung, LG, Huawei and other manufacturers are committed to the development of flexible mobile phone products, perhaps next year there will be products available;2. AI function and applicationThis year, only mid- to high-end mobile phones are equipped with AI modules, and there are few applications based on AI modules, mainly related to ASD scene recognition and blurring. The terminal AI CPU integrates DSP or VPU internally, and the flagship CPU directly integrates TPU or AI unit. In 2019, the CPU will continue to strengthen in this piece. Xiaobian expects the CPU with built-in AI function to sink to the thousand-yuan model.And AI-based applications, mainly visual and voice, data and custom reasoning will also be an important application.3. 5G smart machineIn 2019, it is possible to become the first year of 5G smart phones. All major mobile phone manufacturers have begun to prepare 5G smart phones. In 2019, they will be launched organically. 5Gb/s peak download speed, 1GB video will be downloaded in a few seconds, please fill your brain, what can be done at this speed! Xiaobian can only say that friends who want to watch 3D live broadcast will be blessed!4. Screen fingerprintThe screen fingerprint developed by VIVO first created a small climax of the screen application in the domestic and foreign markets. At the same time, OPPO first lowered the fingerprint function of the screen to the 1500-position model. In 2019, will the fingerprint under the screen become the mainstream configuration of the thousand yuan machine? In addition, fingerprints may appear under real CTP.5. Front 3D structured lightApple's first launch of the FaceID feature has created a wave in the industry, and everyone has adopted FaceID as a standard. However, due to the incomplete payment application of FaceID, the front 3D FaceID was not widely popularized in 2019. Only HOVM has only a few flagships to launch the first feature. I believe that with the increasing number of 3D-based applications, 3D FaceID-based models will also be more and more. But the popular time may be in 2020.6. TOF 3DDue to the limitation of the distance of the 3D structured light, the 3D structured light is mainly applied to the front camera portion. In 2019, TOF-based 3D post-configuration will be popular, and 3D TOF-based modeling applications will gradually evolve.7. High power fast chargeOPPO and Huawei are the leaders of the fast charge in 2018. OPPO has become a leader in the field with low voltage direct charge 40W; Huawei has achieved 40W in the field of high voltage direct charge, and has become a fast charge technology leader who is on the same page as OPPO. In 2019, after a period of snow, the fast charge is expected to become a hot spot in the market. However, due to cost constraints and heat dissipation requirements, perhaps 22W will be a mainstream of high efficiency and fast charging.8. Unknown four shotsHuawei's three-camera led a wave of mobile phone photography, so Samsung launched four photos. Will RGB+Vibration+Telephoto+Short focus become the trend of 2019? Is the market promotion or the actual photo effect? let us wait and see.9. Real full screenThe arrival of the 18:9/20:9 full-screen era has caused the popularity of Liu Haiping. However, the ugliness of Liu Hai is also the place where the pursuit of perfect apple is criticized by the market, but the solution is still not perfect or not perfect. VIVO's NEX launch, sold the first step of a true full screen. Although it is not the most perfect step, in 2019, everyone's innovation in the real full screen field will flourish, and the CAM/light distance will be the direction of innovation.10.15W wireless chargingSamsung has introduced wireless charging on the Galaxy flagship model since 2015, but the market response is flat. Since Apple introduced wireless charging, wireless charging has gradually become a hot spot. But the power of 5W or 10W is still too small. For users, the experience is not very good. Maybe in 2019, 15W wireless charging will become the standard configuration of a flagship machine.
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